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Coffee Supreme Cupping Spoons

For those who have it all but a spoon specifically designed to taste coffee with.

These 'cupping' spoons are used in the process of evaluating the taste of coffee at a professional level. Roasters and coffee connoisseurs alike use these spoons - notable for a deep round head shape - by dipping the head of the spoon just below the surface of a bowl of coffee extracting just enough liquid to spread completely across the palate. Silver-plated and made in England, nothing speaks to your extreme love of coffee like your own cupping spoon. (Also excellent for other activities commonly involving spoons like eating your cereal). 

6 Designs (sold separately):

a) Handle: "Coffee Supreme"; Spoon Head: "We eat coffee for breakfast".

b) Handle: "Roasting Daily"; Spoon Head: Coffee Supreme logo

c) Handle: "Coffee Supreme"; Spoon Head: "This one's for the lefty". 

d) Handle: Logo; Head: Palm Tree

e) Handle: Logo; Spoon Head: Skater girl

f) Handle: Logo; Spoon Head: We down here 

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